Back-to-School Year Info

As you know, Our School Board approved the 2020-21 Florida’s Optional Innovative Reopening Plan.

Parents have been asked to register their children for one of the three instructional delivery models.
Registration will be open until Friday, July 24th.

The choices are:
1.Face-to-Face here at Waterbridge
2. Orange County Virtual School or the
3. Innovative Plan -which is the same as LaunchEd@Home.

We strongly encourage our parents to select the OCPS LaunchED@Home, if you are able to keep your child at home.

There are two ways to register your child:
You may register your child at click on the
“2020-2021 School Reopening Plan-Register Your Choice …..”

You may also log on to our Schools Website at – Click on School Information then select BACK TO SCHOOL Year Information.

You will find the three model choices explained, and you will see the Choice Registration link to register your child or children. Please remember registration is available until Friday, July 24th. If you do not choose by Friday, July 24th, your child will automatically be placed in the face to face model.
Please do not wait. Register your children as soon as possible.

As your principal, it is my ultimate decision to protect the safety of our Waterbridge Family- faculty and staff, students, parents, and the community at large.

If you need any assistance with registering your child or have questions, please contact our front office at (407)858-3190 Monday-Thursday. We will be happy to assist.