5th Grade Supply List

 Waterbridge Elementary                        

2024-2025 Fifth Grade School Supply List

** Individual teachers will have additional items and/or may delete items to fit the needs of their class.  If other supplies are needed, the teacher will have that information at Meet the Teacher.

4 (Hard)Pocket Folders with prongs Solid Colors

1- 1 inch white presentation binder

2- Boxes of tissues

1-packs of glue sticks

3-Boxes of #2 Pencils (24-with erasers)

1-Pack of Highlighters

1-box of colored pencils

1-Pair of scissors

4 Packs EXPO thick dry-erase markers – One pack all black markers

2-Packages of baby wipes

2-Package of Clorox wipes

2-Packages of Post-It notes

2-Packs of eraser tops

2 -Bottle of hand sanitizer (10 oz. or more with hand pump)

2–Reams of white copy paper

1- Package of Sheet Protectors

1-  Wired Headphones -No Earbuds

1- Soft Pencil Pouch

4-Wide Ruled Notebook paper

  This may vary depending on teacher.     Please wait until Meet the Teacher                    

      NOTEBOOKS  - ie. hard Covered, 1 subject or 3 subjects.

*Special area teachers: spiral notebook and/or sketchpad