Student Attendance Policies


Absences and Excuses

Students may be excused when the absence is due to personal illness, serious illness/ death in the immediate family, or to observe recognized holidays of the student’s religious faith. When a child must be absent from school, the parent or guardian must send a note to the teacher stating the reason for the absence within 2 days. The note needs to be either a handwritten note by the parent and/or guardian or a note from the doctor’s office. The notes cannot be emailed or faxed. If we are not notified of the reason for an absence, attendance records will reflect an unexcused absence. All absences will receive a ConnectEd phone call from the county.

Early Dismissal

A student must be in school for a minimum of 3.5 hours to be considered in attendance. If it is necessary for a student to leave during the school day, please come to the school office to sign-out your student(s); your driver’s license will be requested. Students may not leave the school during school hours unless they are picked up by their parents or guardian and signed out in the office. Students will not be released after 2:30 p.m. (Wednesday 1:30 p.m.)

Withdrawing Students 

Parents must come to the front office to fill out a withdrawal form prior to the student’s last day of school. We would also need 24 hours to gather the necessary paperwork to bring to the new school. Students must turn in school property and pay any monetary obligations prior to withdrawing.