4th Grade Supply List

Waterbridge Elementary School

Fourth Grade Supply List 2022-2023


(72) Pencils

(2) Box of crayons, thin markers, or colored pencils

(6) Composition notebooks black and white ONLY (NOT SPIRAL)

(2) Ream of white copy paper

(10) Glue sticks

(2) Highlighters

(4) Plastic pocket folders (green, yellow, red and blue only) with prongs

(1) Pair of scissors 

(1) Package of COLORED pens

(1) Pencil pouch (no boxes)

(2) Boxes of tissues

(2) Packages of 4 dry erase markers (thick) – any colors

(1) Pencil sharpener (manual with a lid to hold shavings)

(3) Packages pencil top eraser caps (packs of 24)

(3) Big pink erasers

(1) Lysol cleaning wipes (no baby wipes)

(1) Lysol spray bottle

(1) Antibacterial hand sanitizer

(1) Pair of headphones



(1) Ziploc storage bags-Gallon size from girls

(1) Ziploc storage bags-Quart size from boys

White chalk (Brinkley only)


** Additional materials may be required for your specific homeroom teacher.