Media Center Policies

Media Center Policies


Policies and Procedures

The Waterbridge Elementary School Library Media operates under a Scheduled whole class & flexible small group schedule. Students may come to the library media center to check out books with their class or during certain times during school hours with permission from the classroom teacher


*Students may only check out books if the parent/student has signed the code of student conduct

Kindergarten & 1st graders may check out 1 book at a time. Second graders may check out 2 books at a time. Third graders get 3 books at a time & fourth and fifth graders may check out 4 books at a time.

Parents are welcome to use the media center after signing in at the front office. They may check out up to 5 books. Books are due 2 weeks from the time of checkout.


All books may be renewed 1 time provided that no one else has requested the item.

End of the Year

All books must be returned two weeks prior to the end of school year for inventory procedures to be completed.


There are no overdue book fines but new books cannot be checked out until books are returned, repaired, or replaced. Students are required to pay a replacement cost for all damaged or lost books.

Lost or Damaged books fines will have to be paid for online with schoolpay see link below.



Parents may also replace a lost or damaged book by buying a new/used one  that is in good shape and donating it to the Library. Students may also donate their own books form home (In Good shape) to replace a lost or damaged book

The Orange County Public Library is an excellent resource for students to find additional books. We encourage all Waterbridge Students to have a current OCLS Card. Click here

for great online